Butterfly effect is a mentoring program for young students interested in digital business. It offers 6 months long bootcamps and one week long courses supervised by top tier mentors from global companies. 

In 2019 BE approached me with a complex task. They urgently needed a complete redesign of their brand as their current brand wasn't fulfilling their needs. In fact, it was a disaster. Their first logo was made during one of the team zoom calls by a non/designer and consistent branding was totally left behind. It's a shame when we consider that BE is one of the leaders in education of digital design in Slovakia. ​
My main goal was to come up with a symbol/logotype with strong appearance communicating digital world and youthfulness. ​​​​​​​

Combining letters B and E into flat icon loosely based on a shape of a butterfly was the way to go. 
Strong, flat lines symbolise digital world. Open end on the right side stands for open mind, which is crucial in the process of digital education.
The main color green is based on previous corporate materials of BE. Thanks to that customers can associate a new look with a brand they know.
Secondary colors are more vibrant to to communicate the digital world.
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